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Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit Union
1725 I Street NW, Suite 150 
Washington, DC 20006-2406

Please note that our 24x7 member service by phone is provided in partnership with a third party vendor. Their representatives may not be able to resolve all requests; however, please be assured that all unresolved inquiries are forwarded to the Credit Union for resolution during normal business hours.

Member Relations
: (202) 212-6400 or (800) 923-7328 (toll-free from U.S., Canada & Mexico)
Lending Services: (202) 212-6450


Member Relations: (202) 683-2380
Mortgage Loans: (202) 683-2398
Consumer & Equity Loans: (202) 683-2399

ABA/Routing Number

24x7 Lending
Apply for a Consumer Loan (202) 212-6470
Apply U.S. Toll-Free (877) 809-6549
Audio Response System
Local Access (202) 212-6420
U.S. Toll-Free (800) 799-1555
ATM/Debit Cards
Apply for a Card (202) 212-6400
Report Lost/Stolen Card (in the U.S.): (888) 241-2510
Report Lost/Stolen Card (collect calls outside the U.S.): (909) 941-1398
Cards Blocked due to Suspicion of Fraud: (888) 241-2440
Credit Cards
Apply for a Card (202) 212-6470
Report Lost/Stolen Card (in the U.S.) (800) 449-7728
Report Lost/Stolen Card (outside the U.S.): View International Toll Free Numbers
Cards Blocked due to Suspicion of Fraud (in the U.S.): (888) 918-7313
Cards Blocked due to Suspicion of Fraud (outside the U.S.) (727) 299-2449
Credit Card Services (24 hours) (866) 820-5833
Foreign Exchange Services
Foreign Exchange Office (202) 212-6440
Member Rewards
Customer Service (9:00AM - 8:00PM, EST) (877) 203-9460
Nationwide Mortgage Lending
Nationwide Mortgage Center (202) 212-6450
Online Billpayer
Customer Support (24 hours) (888) 918-7401

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Please contact us through the links below:

Eli Vazquez, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer
Stephanie G. Day, Chief Operating Officer
Janet G. Corrigan, Director of Lending
Jeffrey T. Coyne, Director of Member Relations