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7/1 ARM

Purchasing or looking to refinance? Our 7/1 ARM may be the right option for you!

Enjoy a low rate of 3.689% APR for the first seven years. Thereafter, the rate will adjust annually over the remaining term.

Buying a home? Increase your buying power with a pre-qualification through our 24/7 online lending center before you begin your home search. Save even more when you use our HomeAdvantage™ realtor network, and receive cash rewards1 at closing. 

Refinancing your mortgage? With rates this low, now may be the perfect time to refinance your loan. Visit ou Real Estate Center to use our calculators to help determine how much you can save by refinancing.

Table data for Rate and Payment Example for a Loan of $350,000
Initial Interest Rate APR Projected Payment Schedule Based on Current Market Conditions Alert Me
3.250%1 3.689%
  • 84 payments of $1,523.22 at an interest rate of 3.250%
  • 275 payments of $1,641.05 at an interest rate of 4.000%
  • 1 payment of $1,641.11 at an interest rate of 4.00%

Make your move today!

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1 Cash rewards and/or member benefits vary by state. Please contact HomeAdvantage for additional information at 1-800-203-9014.

2 Rate is variable and can increase by no more than 2% per rate change and 6% over life of loan. Because the index in the future is unknown, the first adjusted payments displayed are based on the current index plus margin as of September 1, 2017. The information provided assumes the purpose of the loan is to purchase an existing single family home as a primary residence located in the District of Columbia, with a loan amount of $350,000 and an estimated property value of $450,000. The rate lock period is 45 days and the assumed credit score is 740. An escrow (impound) account is required; the actual monthly payment will also include amounts for real estate taxes and homeowner’s insurance premiums. This is not a guaranteed offer of credit; other terms and conditions may apply. Please ask a Loan Officer for details. Current rates are available at and are subject to change.