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The Membership Checking Account is truly free; there are no minimum balance requirements and no monthly fees. Get the flexibility you need without the expensive frills.

The Money Management Checking Account (MMCA) was designed for those members looking for the convenience of a checking account combined with the benefits of a higher yield. With the MMCA, your checking funds work harder for you all year long. If you typically maintain a minimum balance of $2,500 or more in your checking account1, switching to our MMCA is a smart move.

Table data for Checking Account Rates
Account Type Annual Percentage Yield (APY) Dividend Rate Minimum Balance Required to Earn Dividends Minimum Balance Required to Open Alert Me
Checking 0.050% 0.050% none none
Money Management Checking 0.000% 0.000% N/A $2,500.001
0.050% 0.050% $2,500.00 N/A
0.100% 0.100% $10,000.00 N/A
0.150% 0.150% $25,000.00 N/A
0.200% 0.200% $50,000.00 N/A
Checking Account offering rates are variable and subject to change daily. Dividends are paid monthly on Checking Accounts. Dividends are calculated using the balance in the account at the end of each day. For specific information about account rates and terms, call us at 202.212.6400 to speak to one of our Member Service Representatives. Refer to Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit Union's Truth in Savings Disclosure, for additional information.
  • 1Please refer to your BFSFCU Account Agreements and Disclosures for additional terms and conditions. A fee may be imposed for not maintaining a minimum balance of $2,500.

ATM Locations

BFSFCU maintains several full-service ATMs for your convenience. Please note that if our machines are unavailable due to scheduled maintenance, you may use the ATM locator to find the nearest surcharge-free ATM.

BFSFCU Mobile Deposit

Deposit a check with BFSFCU’s Digital Banking App. Remember to endorse the back of the check and write “For BFSFCU Mobile Deposit only”. Follow the instructions in our Digital Banking app to proceed with the deposit.   

ATM Surcharge Rebate Program

When you enroll in eStatements and use your BFSFCU Visa Debit Card at any non-BFSFCU ATM, the first six surcharges (ATM usage fees) applied to your checking account each month will be rebated to you.After the initial six cash withdrawals, members will be responsible for the surcharges associated with non-BFSFCU ATM transactions.

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