eStatements and Alerts

Saying no to paper statements helps reduce our carbon footprint!

Instead of receiving a paper statement in the mail each month, you will receive an e-mail letting you know that your eStatement is available. View or download your statement securely from within Digital Banking.

Enroll in eStatements Now

Simply log in to Digital Banking, select the Self Service menu, and click on the eStatement Enrollment link. Please be advised that when you enroll in eStatements, you are also consenting to receive your year-end tax forms electronically instead of by mail. These forms will be conveniently stored in Digital Banking along with your other statements.

Digital Banking Alerts

As a Digital Banking user, you can set up the following types of alerts:

  • Balance: receive a notification when an account balance passes a defined threshold
  • Transaction: receive a notification when a specific transaction occurs (such as a payroll deposit)
  • Budget: receive a notification when the spending in any of your budget categories exceeds a target amount
  • Security: you will receive security notifications when your personal information is updated
  • And much more!

To start using Digital Banking alerts, log in to Digital Banking and click on Manage Alerts under the self service menu .