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Financial Discovery Center

Resources to help children and young people develop sound financial skills.

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Financial Education

A solid understanding of financial basics helps children and young people develop skills and habits they can use for the rest of their lives.  We’ve gathered a variety of resources that will help them—and you—get started.

Resource Center

Our Resource Center includes helpful articles for young adults on topics such as managing credit cards, buying a first car, handling student loans, and more.

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We offer financial education webinars on a variety of topics throughout the year. Sign up to participate!

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Improve your financial savvy with our BFSFCU Podcast series. Topics include preventing identity theft, understanding credit, smart borrowing, and more!

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Developed by the Financial Literacy and Education Commission, this site includes games, fun activities, websites, video games, and information about money for kids and young people on how to save money, what to think about when shopping and buying, and how to a budget and plan.

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The National Credit Union Association put together a great collection of information, including links to activities and apps geared for kids as well as educational tools that address a variety of topics such as saving for college and buying your first car.

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United States Mint

This bureau of the Department of the Treasury has put together a collection of fun games for children that teach them about identifying and counting coins and how coins are made. It also includes a large suite of tools for educators at different grade levels.

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