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Mortgage Pre-Approval

Your first step to purchasing a home.

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Think of a mortgage pre-approval as being able to apply for a home
loan before you commit to borrowing the money.

Here’s why a pre-approval should be a priority if you’re thinking of purchasing a home in the US:

  • Find out your estimated monthly loan payments

  • Gain bargaining power and show real estate agents that you are a qualified, serious buyer

  • When you do find a home, you can purchase it quicker because you’ve already completed
    some of the paperwork





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Let BFSFCU Guide You

With more than 75 years of experience lending to our
international community, we are uniquely qualified to help:

  • Our loans are designed to meet the needs of our global membership, including non-US citizens
  • Fixed and adjustable-rate mortgages are available
  • Extremely competitive rates and low fees
  • Products and services that help you build a credit history in the US
  • Our HomeAdvantage® program can help you save time and money
  • BFSFCU Global Rewards can deliver up to $7501 in cash rewards when you finalize your loan
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1The mortgage cash reward will be applied as a lender credit at the time of the mortgage closing. Mortgages $250,000 and above will receive a mortgage cash reward of $750. Mortgages between $50,000 and $249,999 will receive a mortgage cash reward of $350. If the mortgage loan is rescinded, the mortgage cash reward will be forfeited. Excludes home equity loans and lines of credit.