Visa Signature - Cafeteria Double Rewards

Enjoy double rewards points at select World Bank Group & IMF Merchants1 when you use your BFSFCU BEYOND Visa® Signature Credit Card!

DOUBLE REWARDS means you earn 3 Member Rewards points for every dollar spent on coffee, lunch, and bookstore purchases. Please see a list of participant merchants below.

List of Merchants Alert Me
IMF HQ 1 Cafe WBG MC Cafe IFC Cafe
IMF HQ2 Cafe WBG Atrium IFC Coffee Bar
Atrium Cafe C Building Cafe IBRD (GSDCS)
IMF Bistro 1 J Building Cafe IBRD (GSDPM)
IMF Bistro 2 I Coffee Bar IBRD - Fitness Center
IMF Terrace I Building Cafe World Bank Book Store
IMF Catering WBG Millennium WBG Health Services
Please note that the table above lists the name of the merchants as they appear in the card statement. A list with store front names is coming soon.

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1 Effective April 1, 2018 BFSFCU BEYOND Visa Signature card holders will receive double Member Rewards points (total of 3) per dollar spent at select World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund (IMF) merchants. Merchant locations limited to those in Washington, District of Columbia, USA. Points will not be awarded for merchandise returned or refund credits. This offer may be combined with other promotions, other terms and conditions may apply.