COVID-19 Response - Update as of November 28, 2020

INTERNATIONAL MAIL DISRUPTION: BFSFCU mails statements, year-end tax forms and other account related information from the United States.
Due to the pandemic, the US Postal Service is unable deliver mail to certain international destinations. Please visit for more information.

To ensure you receive timely information about your account, BFSFCU encourages you to enroll in Digital Banking and sign up for eStatements (paperless delivery).

Our IMF HQ2 Branch is open from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM and our Express Branch,
ATM and Lending Center at 1725 I Street are also open to serve you in person from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM, Mon - Fri
***The IFC and MC Branches remain closed due to COVID-19 restrictions to our sponsor group facilities until further notice.***

For the latest information about our operations and measures we are takingplease visit our COVID-19 Response page.

International Toll-Free Telephone Numbers

BFSFCU accepts toll-free calls from the countries listed below.

For members not located in the below countries, please either send us a secure message through Digital Banking or reach us via Skype by connecting with our US toll-free number (800) 923-7328. Skype does not charge for calls to this US toll-free number. Please note that although the call is free to you, you may incur data charges if calling from a mobile network.

Table data for International Toll-Free Telephone Numbers
Country Phone Number Alert Me
Antigua/Barbuda 800-300-3497
Australia 1-800-14-1077
Bahamas 1-800-488-3024
Barbados 1-800-534-0859
Belgium 0800-7-2705
Brazil 0800-891-5103
Chile 1230-020-3990
China - South 10800-140-2514
China - North 10800-140-2531
Colombia 01-800-518-3188
Costa Rica 0800-800-2000
Cyprus 8009-0851
Denmark 8001-0136
Dominican Republic 1-800-203-9753
Ecuador 1800000942
Finland 08001-11184
France 080-090-3897
Germany 0800-181-7933
Greece 00800-161-2-203-1553
Hong Kong 800-931-116
Hungary 068-001-2238
India 00-800-040-2092
Indonesia 007-803-016-0769
Ireland 180-094-9283
Israel 180-942-3024
Italy 8008-75690
Japan 005-3113-2956
Luxembourg 0800-5719
Malaysia 1-800-80-7897
Mexico 01-800-062-4208
Netherlands 0800-0-221-682
New Zealand 0800-44-4161
Norway 8001-5289
Panama 00-800-203-0189
Peru 08-007-8360
Philippines 1-800-111-025-02
Poland 00-800-112-5022
Portugal 800-81-3232
Singapore 800-8526-535
South Africa 080-099-0202
Spain 80-065-4301
Sweden 02-079-4487
Switzerland 080-089-7029
Taiwan 0-080-112-7889
Thailand 00-180-013-488-3024
Trin.&Tobago 1-800-488-3024
Turkey 008-001-423-0772
United Kingdom 0-800-89-1758
Venezuela 0-800-136-2563