Elections Candidates 2023

The 76th Annual Meeting of the Credit Union is scheduled for April 11, 2023, at 3:00 PM Eastern Time. This meeting will be conducted in-person and virtually. Registration, meeting location, and login credentials will be provided closer to the date.

In accordance with the Bylaws, members are elected to the Board of Directors by ballot submitted online or by mail. All members of the Credit Union who are at least 16 years of age by the date of the meeting are eligible to vote. Ballots will be counted prior to the Annual Meeting and the results will be announced at that meeting. This year there are three Director positions to be filled; the three candidates receiving the highest number of votes will be elected to three-year terms. The names of the candidates are presented in random order as required by the Bylaws with the order determined by a draw of lots.

The voting period will open on February 22, 2023 at 12:01 AM ET and close on March 22, 2023 at
11:59 PM ET.

Notice of Annual Meeting and Nominations for Board for Directors


Amadou Sy

Background: Credit Union Member for 24 years

Location: USA

Education: Ph.D., Finance, McGill University (Canada); M.Sci, and Bachelor of Commerce, Finance, HEC Montréal; CFA charter holder; GARP-certified financial risk manager

Current Job Title and Employer: Assistant Director, IMF

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    Relevant Work Experience: About 25 years of experience in 25+ countries mostly on financial sector and capital markets, including leadership of financial sector assessment programs (FSAPs) and technical assistance missions. Deputy Chief of the IMF divisions in charge of financial supervision and regulation and for bank stress tests. Consultant to the AfDB and UN on capital markets development and Financing for Development. Taught finance at McGill University and at the IMF. Runner-up for the 2011 ICFR-Financial Times Prize for best research on financial regulation.

    Candidate’s Statement of Desire to Serve:  After almost 25 years as a member, including five years in its Nominating Committee, I am eager to contribute to the vision of the BFSFCU. I strongly believe in its non-profit and member-oriented mission and would like to bring my broad set of experience to the Board. In a fast-changing world, BFSFCU is working hard to remain as relevant as possible to its members. Higher interest rates and an uncertain economic outlook will require decisive and informed action for an institution concentrated in mortgages and fixed-income investments. At the same time, it will be important to continue leveraging past investment in technology and cybersecurity. Solutions to mounting challenges benefit from different perspectives and I hope to bring relevant and impactful views that will help the Board continue to maintain and even improve BFSFCU’s relevance as it did during the COVID-19 pandemic and over its 75 years of existence.

Background: Credit Union Member for 26 years,
                         Current BFSFCU Board Member

Location: USA

MBA from LBS, Post-Graduate Degree (Energy Economics) from Scuola Superiore Enrico Matter Italy, Bachelor Degree in Industrial Economics and Business from University of Modena Italy

Current Job Title and Employer: Senior Advisor (retired)

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    Relevant Work Experience: BFSFCU Board Director and Finance and HR Committee member since 2020. In the past 26 years, I have covered different directorships and senior positions at the IFC-WBG, having managerial and decision-making responsibilities for new investments and portfolios in operations regionally and globally (South Asia, LAC, FIG SSA-LAC, FIG Global). I have extensive experience in banking, capital markets, in managing complex financial group investments and in the Fin-Tech sector. Strong knowledge of corporate governance and Financial Sector regulations. Over the years, I served for IFC on several boards of Universal and Investment Banks, Financial Companies, and Private Equity Advisory Boards.

    Candidate’s Statement of Desire to Serve: I enjoyed serving on the BFSFCU Board and being an active member of the Finance and HR Committees for the last 3 years. In these roles, I worked to address the challenges created by the pandemic and the ones post-pandemic to adapt BFSFCU strategy, way of conducting business and financial management. I actively supported several initiatives, such as: a) adopting a new risk-based framework/products (Global Rewards), b) sound/prudent practices to strengthening financial stability, and c) improvements in the technology, cyber-security, HR practices and member services areas. Strong of my 35-years professional experience, I constructively contributed to Board and Committees’ decisions in an open dialogue with management. I strongly believe in BFSFCU’s role in serving its members through adaptation, forward thinking, products and platforms innovation and strong financials. Therefore, I would be honored to serve another term on the Board to ensure BFSFCU continued success.

Paolo Massimo Martelli
(Current BFSFCU Board Member)

Bayo Oyewole

Background: Credit Union Member for 38 years

Location: USA

Education: MBA University of Maryland, College Park; BSc Economics (Hons.) University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Current Job Title and Employer: Independent Consultant (retired World Bank and IFC staff member)

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    Relevant Work Experience: 1. World Bank Board: Senior Advisor to Executive Director for 22 African countries; Assigned to Development Effectiveness, Budget, Human Resources, Audit and Board Governance Committees. 2. IFC: Fundraising and Donor Relations; Small and Medium Enterprises; Public Private Partnerships (PPP) transaction advisory services. 3. World Bank Global Infrastructure Facility: Managed $100m fund’s collaboration with multilateral development banks, commercial banks and institutional investors. 3. Africa Centre for Economic Transformation: economic research fellow. 4. African Development Bank: PPP transaction advisory specialist. 5. Strathmore Hall Foundation Inc.: Member, Board of Directors: Governance and Nominating Committee.

    Candidate’s Statement of Desire to Serve: A satisfied beneficiary of BFSFCU’s services since joining the World Bank/IFC 38 years ago, and as a retiree, I have witnessed its steady growth over the years and observed its client base become increasingly global, diverse and sophisticated. I welcome the opportunity to contribute my expertise and insight to its governance, ensuring it remains at the forefront of modern banking in an increasingly competitive industry. By combining strategic foresight and innovation, BFSFCU can broaden its product offerings to meet its clients’ growing needs while strengthening its reputation for reliability and customer service. I welcome the prospect of driving this transformation.

Background: Credit Union Member for 25 years

Location: USA

Education: Ph.D., Psychology, Catholic University of America; M.A., International Affairs, Johns Hopkins University SAIS; A.B., Public Policy Studies, Duke University

Current Job Title and Employer: Division Chief, Talent, IMF

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    Relevant Work Experience: After a 10-year career in finance, which included investment banking, private equity and a Senior Investment Officer role at IFC, I joined IFC’s HR department in 2000. I have subsequently had a 20+ year career in human resources, including HR leadership positions at IFC, the World Bank, and now the IMF. Specific roles included Manager, Talent Development at IFC; WBG Director of Talent, Leadership and Career Development; and currently Division Chief, Talent, IMF.

    Candidate’s Statement of Desire to Serve: As a member of the BFSFCU for 25 years, I have appreciated, and benefited from, many of its products and services. I would like to give back to this institution which has been my primary bank and played an important financial role for me and so many of its members. Given all of the changes in the workplace and workforce that we are seeing in the post-Covid world, I believe my combined business and HR leadership experience in IFC, the World Bank and the IMF can provide a useful perspective for some of the challenging people-related and business issues that the credit union may face now and in the years ahead.

Carolyn Breslin

Ann Christine Rennie

Background: Credit Union Member for 22 years

Location: USA

Education: Executive Program, Harvard Business School; M.B.A., Finance and International Business, Columbia University; M.A. Middlebury College; B.A. with Honors, Colorado College

Current Job Title and Employer: Consultant

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    Relevant Work Experience: My career encompasses more than 35 years’ experience in financial services in the public and private sectors. Prior to joining the World Bank, I spent over 20 years at JP Morgan Chase, where I held increasingly responsible positions in commercial and investment banking. I served on the Board of Directors of two Chase subsidiaries, so fully understand the roles and responsibilities of the board. At the World Bank, I was a Lead Financial Sector Specialist, working with policymakers and regulators on building sound and inclusive financial sectors, work I have continued in retirement as an independent consultant.

    Candidate’s Statement of Desire to Serve: In my 24 years as a member of the Credit Union, I have come to greatly appreciate the products and services it offers to its unique membership. I believe that the depth and breadth of my professional experience in financial services would allow me to make a positive contribution to the work of the Board. I have practical knowledge of key aspects of a Board’s responsibility to ensure the safety and soundness of the institution, including in such areas as risk management, asset-liability management, governance and compliance. My work has also required me to remain current on recent trends in the industry, including developments in digital banking and fintechs. I would like to bring this knowledge and experience to bear in helping to help ensure that the BFSFCU continues to provide its members with up-to-date, convenient, and cost-effective products and services that meet their evolving financial needs.

Background: Credit Union Member for 14 years

Location: USA

Education: Two Master’s degrees; Law (University of Paris), Political Science (Sciences Po). Graduated from the French National School for Prosecutors and Judge (Paris, France)

Current Job Title and Employer: Senior Financial Sector Specialist

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    Relevant Work Experience: As a former management and financial auditor of stateowned enterprises in France, I have gained relevant experience in finding how financial institutions, can strengthen their strategies and their management while improving their relations with clients, stakeholders, human resources and government agencies. Areas in which I developed this experience were also related to integrity and conflict of interest, analysis of financial statements, compliance with anti-money laundering regulations. As a senior financial specialist, I advise WB clients on how to set up supervision and compliance mechanisms based on a risk-based approach that manages risk without imposing overburdening and unbalanced constraints.

    Candidate’s Statement of Desire to Serve: For more than 14 years, my family has been very happy to benefit from the services provided by the BFSFCU. We appreciate the effectiveness of the management of our 3 bank accounts, the quality of the mortgage services, and the advantages of the credit cards. At the same time, I would be happy to contribute to a further increase in the quality of the service provided to members while helping to maintain a strong and well-balanced financial position for the institution. Based on my experience in audit management, I would like to work on how the development of modern and digital payment and banking systems can free resources for enhancing great personal interaction between staff and members. I also would be happy to contribute to the streamlining of relevant control/antifraud and compliance systems, and to the research of solutions to protect assets against inflation.

Jean-Pierre Brun

Jerome Vacher

Background: Credit Union Member for 20 years

Location: USA

Education: Fellow, Advanced Studies in International Economic Policy Research, Kiel Institute for the World Economy (Germany); M.Sci., Finance, Banking, and Monetary Economics, Universite Paris in Pantheon Sorbonne; Masters Degree in Public Policy, Institut D’Etudes Politiques de Paris

Current Job Title and Employer: Senior Economist, IMF

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    Relevant Work Experience: At the Fund, I had the opportunity to work on banking in MCM (5 years), including through 9 Financial Sector Assessment Programs (e.g., leading stress tests), technical assistance missions, and subsequently in other departments on countries with significant banking issues (Lithuania, Spain, Ukraine, Turkey, Tunisia). I continue to work on financial sector issues, currently leading some research on climate finance in the Middle East. Prior to joining the Fund, I had specialized in financial sector issues and worked for three years in a commercial bank. I also recently obtained certificates on Fintech (Oxford) and real estate finance (LSE).

    Candidate’s Statement of Desire to Serve: I would be delighted to put my experience in banking issues at the service of our members, to continue preserving the soundness of the institution and develop its capacity to innovate for all, while our economic environment and the financial world is changing constantly. As a member and user of these services—also very much aware of board responsibilities—I see this as a unique opportunity. I am a strong believer in the importance of corporate governance standards and accountability, something I have fought for in several countries. In Ukraine for example, I was a founding board member of the Ukrainian Corporate Governance Academy, a non-for-profit education institution training executives on corporate governance and board membership. Finally, I also see this as a very valuable learning experience, especially from interacting with other members, other board members, management and staff of the credit union.

Background: Credit Union Member for 26 years,
                         Current BFSFCU Board Member

Location: USA

Education: D.Sc. Information Management, The George Washington University

Current Job Title and Employer: Manager, Information Technology, World Bank

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    Relevant Work Experience: IT professional with over 25 years of experience including IT strategy, program management, governance, shared services agreements, information security (serving as IFC’s CISO), management of IFC’s Total Resources and Budget & Finance network. For the past two years, I have been in charge of the IT division developing, operating and supporting a large suite of the World Bank Group’s HR and Finance and Accounting applications and systems. I believe that I can leverage my experience in information technology and my deep knowledge of the WBG to improve access to BFSFCU products and services to its global membership.

    Candidate’s Statement of Desire to Serve: Growing up during the civil war in Lebanon and currently living and working in the United States has given me a unique life perspective, appreciating what I have, aspiring to be the voice for those that have no voice, and taking pride in serving others. On a personal note, I am thankful to BFSFCU for approving my first-ever mortgage loan and supporting my banking needs since then. I am currently serving on the BFSFCU Board and it would be a privilege to have the opportunity to continue serving on the board and contributing my skills, energy and commitment to continue meeting the evolving and unique needs of our members.

Sana Al-Hajj 
(Current BFSFCU Board Member)

Aidyn Bibolov

Background: Credit Union Member for 14 years

Location: USA

Ph.D., Business Administration and Management, Bocconi University (Italy); M.B.A., Finance, State University of New York at Binghamton; Diploma in Economics and Management Pavlodar State University (Kazakhstan)

Current Job Title and Employer: Senior Economist, IMF

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    Relevant Work Experience: Relationship manager at a commercial bank in Kazakhstan, Tax consultant at a Big 4 firm. Assistant Professor in Finance at KIMEP (Kazakhstan). 3.5 years at MCM where I participated in FSAP and financial sector surveillance and led a TA project in risk-based supervision. In area departments I have covered the financial sector in countries with large financial centers in the UAE and Qatar. I was also a tutor in the Master of Quantitative Finance and Risk Management program at Bocconi University.

    Candidate’s Statement of Desire to Serve: I would like to serve on the Board to make the BFSFCU more effective in keeping its customers and generate more profit for its members. The BFSFCU is the first choice for many members when they start working at our institutions and it should remain their first choice throughout their lives. To do so, the BFSFCU needs to be more agile and keep up with the competition for deposits and loans. It should also be more flexible and proactive in marketing its services and making sure they are delivered in an efficient manner. I believe that my experience of working in banking and finance across the continents will help me to make BFSFCU stronger and more successful.

Background: Credit Union Member for 32 years

Location: USA

Education: M.Sci, Software Engineering, University of Maryland; B.S., Finance, University of Madras (India); CFA Charterholder and attended Institute of Cost and Works Accountants, India

Current Job Title and Employer: Principal Risk Officer, IFC

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    Relevant Work Experience: I am a Principal Risk Officer at the IFC working in Business Risk and Compliance Department. I am a CFA charter holder and an ACAMS certified professional. I bring in excellent leadership and technical skills including financial investment and performance management, integrity risk and financial risk management, internal controls and compliance, and information technology development and implementation. With this diverse and relevant experience, I can support BFSFCU’s various initiatives and growth strategies.

    Candidate’s Statement of Desire to Serve:  I have been a member of the Bank Fund Staff Federal Credit Union for the past 30 plus years. I have seen the Board members play an active role to improve the overall services and products for credit union members and their families. Given my vast investment, financial, and risk management experience, I would like to join the Board and support to growth and strategic vision of the credit union. I will bring in diverse experience and collaborative skills to strengthen the functioning of the Board.

Meena Sankar