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Introduction to Credit

Understanding your credit score and how to build your credit history is a key part of managing your financial life in the United States. In this podcast* we best practices to build a strong credit history. Our goal is to help you with the information you need to make good financial decisions. This is first of a series of podcasts BFSFCU will bring to you soon. Read transcript.

Due to COVID-19, accessing your credit is important. Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion are now offering free weekly online reports through April 2021. Visit to get yours. 

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Establishing Good Financial Habits

We tend to develop habits that provide a rhythm or structure to our daily lives. Once those habits are developed, they can be hard to break. Building good financial habits can provide a rhythm, or sense of control, for your financial life as well. On this podcast, we offer 10 easy ideas to develop good financial habits. Read transcript.

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Fundamentals of Borrowing

Sensible use of debt should be part of a sound financial strategy. Debt can enable you to enjoy things that otherwise are currently beyond your reach. Borrowing can also have its ugly side. Developing good borrowing habits early can help you avoid a lot of anguish later. Listen to our podcast to understand the differences between the types of mortgages and learn about some types of consumer loans. Read transcript.

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Preventing Credit Identity Theft

When someone uses your credit identity the costs and aggravation can add up. On this podcast, we offer 13 tips to keep your credit identity secure. Read transcript.

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Keeping Your Financial Life Simple

On this podcast, we offer some ideas for you to avoid spending too much time handling your finances or worrying about your finances. Simplify your financial life and make it easier to manager. Read transcript.

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*The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are solely those of the speaker and provided for informational purposes only. This podcast is not endorsed, sponsored or approved by the World Bank Group, or any of its member institutions. This podcast does not provide tax, legal or investment advice. Your situation may vary, please consult your own advisor.