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7 Tips for Shopping Online Safely

Fraud Prevention Center


Shopping online offers many conveniences, but it can also make you an easy target for scammers. We’ve prepared some tips to help you shop safely online. 


  1. USE A SECURE NETWORK – Avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi when making a purchase. Opt for a more secure connection such as a personal hotspot, cellular data, or a virtual private network (VPN). 

    • CHOOSE A SECURE WEBSITE – Before searching for products, make sure you are using a secure website. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recommends shopping only on websites with addresses that start with “https” because the “s” means secure. Also look for the lock symbol in the address bar at the top of your internet browser: 

  2. RESEARCH AND COMPARE YOUR PRODUCT AND THE SELLER – Before adding the item to your cart, make sure you read the reviews about the product on different websites. Using a search engine, search the "name of the seller" and the word “complaints” to make sure you are buying from a legitimate company.

  3. DOUBLE-CHECK THE TERMS OF THE SALE – Always review the total pricing including shipping and handling, and double check the delivery date. Make sure you also find out about the company’s return policy.

  4. PAY WITH YOUR BFSFCU CREDIT CARD – Use your BFSFCU Credit Card to pay for your purchases. It’s safer and BFSFCU will guide you on how to dispute a charge you don’t recognize, or how to proceed if you don’t receive the product.

  5. WATCH FOR 'PHISHY' CONFIRMATION EMAILS – If you receive a confirmation email for an order you didn't place, ignore and delete it. If you think it is legit, try manually searching the order number on the retailer's website instead of clicking on any included links.

  6. REVIEW YOUR TRANSACTIONS AND STATEMENTS – Use your BFSFCU Digital Banking and your BFSFCU Cards App to review your transactions and statements. Report any discrepancies or unauthorized purchases by sending us a secure message through Digital Banking.