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Mail Safety

Fraud Prevention Center


The mail you receive and send includes information that deserves special attention. Everything from account numbers and balances on financial accounts to the name and account number on checks you mail can be valuable to thieves and other scam artists.


Here are some ideas to help keep your mail secure:

  1. Never send cash or gift cards through the mail.
  2. Take outgoing mail directly to your local post office.
  3. Retrieve your mail frequently – don’t leave it in your mailbox overnight.
  4. If traveling for an extended period, opt to hold mail at the post office –– Hold Mail - Stop Mail Delivery Online | USPS or call 1-800-275-8777 to request a vacation hold.
  5. Consider renting a post office box.
  6. Use checks that are tamper-resistant and write your check using “fraud prevention pens,” which contain ink that is more difficult to change or alter.
  7. Use electronic payment alternatives such as Online BillPayer – available in your BankFund Digital Banking. Many retailers, utilities, and companies will accept payments by phone, credit card, or debit card. Consider alternatives when making payments.
  8. Enroll in Direct Deposit for recurring payments – Payroll, Pension, Social Security, etc. 
  9. If you are expecting a check and you have not received it yet, contact the sender and request they place a stop payment on the check.
  10. If you believe your mailbox has been tampered with or your mail has been stolen, contact the US Postal Inspection Service and file a report. Reports can be made through their website: Report Mail Fraud & Postal Fraud | USPIS
  11. If you move or change your mailing address - notify the post office and anyone that you do business with through
    the mail.