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Online Investment Scams

Fraud Prevention Center


While we are all searching for the ideal investment, if you receive a message about investing in cryptocurrency think twice.  Only scammers will make promises of large profits and effortless gains, with minimal risk. Learn how to recognize these scams and ways to prevent them from happening to you.


How Cryptocurrency Scams Happen

  • 1

    Contact is initiated through a direct message on social media platforms, including dating apps.

  • 2

    The person claims they have made big returns by investing in cryptocurrency and are willing to show you how.

  • 3

    The scammer directs you to a legitimate-looking website where you will see fake reports on
    how your money is growing.

  • 4

    Once you have invested money or sent them a payment, they shut down the accounts and
    disappear with your money.


How to Stop these Scams


Beware of fake websites Research the company. Check if an investment professional or company is licensed or registered using the search tool


Don’t decide anything in a hurry — Scammers will convince you to act fast. Research the investment and do not feel pressured into investing. Request the terms in writing and take the time to review the details.


Search for real reviews Scammers will often invent stories or testimonials about successful investments. Search online with the name of the company or program and words like “review,” “scam,” “fraud,” or “complaint.”


Only invest if the account is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Scammers often lure people into buying unregistered investments or securities. Avoid putting money into stocks, bonds, notes, and other financial investments not registered with the SEC.