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What to do if you receive Mortgage Insurance Solicitations

Fraud Prevention Center


If you recently received a postcard or mailer regarding an important or urgent matter related to your BFSFCU mortgage or home equity and were instructed to call the number provided in the message — please be aware that these communications do not originate from BFSFCU.


How does this happen?

Some information about mortgages is public record. Public records identify the borrower, the lender, and the loan amount among other things. Third parties access public records to advertise their services.  The third-party uses this information to create mailers that appear time-sensitive, urgent, or important. The mailer is made to look like it is from your lender until you read the fine print.

The fine print on the postcards or mailers may include small text, usually at the bottom or the corner stating ‘Not affiliated with, nor endorsed by BANK-FUND STAFF FCU’ or similar. This line indicates that BFSFCU is not part of the mailing, and it did not originate from BFSFCU.


What do mailers look like?

Communications (letters or postcards) are usually printed on different color card stock. The communications may contain language such as ‘We need you to please call us about an important matter regarding this loan, this is time sensitive so please call us as soon as possible’ or similar and may reference that you recently closed on a mortgage with BFSFCU.

The account number listed on these communications is not your BFSFCU account number.


What should I do next?

Please be aware if you call, you are not speaking with a BFSFCU representative. If you choose to explore this opportunity, please be aware that this service or provider is not affiliated with or endorsed by BFSFCU.


How BFSFCU Protects You?

BFSFCU has measures in place and fraud prevention tools to protect your personal information from unauthorized access. BFSFCU will never send postcards or similar mailers requesting members take immediate action regarding their loan(s) or mortgage(s). Additionally, BFSFCU does not sell your information to third parties for solicitations. Read more about our Privacy Policy by clicking on the button below.


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