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NCUA Share Insurance

Coverage of up to at least $250,000 per individual depositor, or it could be more based on account ownership and structure. Read below for more. 

NCUA Share Insurance

The NCUA is an independent agency of the U.S. Government. The NCUA regulates, charters, and insures the nation’s federal credit unions. In addition, the NCUA insures state-chartered credit unions that seek and qualify for federal insurance.

The shares in your credit union are insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF), which is backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government. Established by Congress in 1970 to insure member share accounts at federally insured credit unions, the NCUSIF is managed by the NCUA under the direction of its three-person Board. Your share insurance coverage is similar to the deposit insurance coverage offered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).  

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Credit unions that are insured by the NCUSIF must display in their offices the official NCUA insurance sign.

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NCUA Insurance is Peace of Mind for You

We know that some things can feel uncertain, so we want you to know that your deposits are one thing you can be confident about. They’re safe and secure at BFSFCU, here’s why.

We are a Federal Credit Union, which means that your deposits are automatically insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund – up to at least $250,000 per individual depositor. No credit union member has ever lost even a single penny of insured savings at a federally insured credit union.

At BFSFCU we have always taken a prudent and conservative approach to the management of your credit union and its finances. We are strongly positioned and prepared to serve your needs.

NCUA share insurance estimator

The National Credit Union Administration's (NCUA) Share Insurance Estimator lets consumers, credit unions, and their members know how its share insurance rules apply to member share accounts—what's insured and what portion (if any) exceeds coverage limits.

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To learn more about Share Insurance, visit Share Insurance FAQs (Share Insurance Estimator - FAQ |


Share Insurance Overview

Share Insurance Estimator

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