Inaugural Closing: BFSFCU branches and offices will be closed (with phone and correspondence service available) on Thursday, January 19th due to Inauguration activities. BFSFCU will be closed on Friday, January 20th for Inauguration Day.

Tax and Financial Resource Center

International Organization (“I/O”) employees and retirees generally face different and complex tax and financial issues compared to employees of private corporations.

For over 30 years, The Wolf Group has specialized in I/O employee tax and financial issues and has assisted thousands of international organization employees and retirees in navigating their complex tax and financial needs.

The Wolf Group Tax & Financial Resource Center provides members with tax and financial articles, guides and relevant resources that are catered to BFSFCU members.

The Resource Center is available at our World Bank Main Complex Branch during our office hours. In addition, staff members from The Wolf Group are available on Thursdays from 2pm to 4pm to provide personal guidance on the resources that match your needs.

If you have any questions, or would like to provide feedback on the resource center, please contact Joyce Chan at (703) 502-9500 x140, or via email at