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National Shared

Access your BFSFCU accounts and conduct transactions
at thousands of Service Center Locations nationwide.

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National Shared Branches

co-op network logoWe’ve joined with other credit unions in a cooperative effort to make banking more convenient for you. 

You can access your BFSFCU accounts and conduct transactions at Service Center locations both locally and across the United States. Many of our Service Center locations offer extended and weekend hours as well as surcharge-free ATMS.

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Find a Shared Branch

Find one of over 5,600 shared branches near you.

Shared Branch Services

Because Shared Branch Services are made possible through a cooperative effort, they may differ somewhat from the services offered at BFSFCU. 

At Credit Union Family Service Center locations, you can:

  • Withdraw from your savings and checking accounts
  • Deposit to your savings and checking accounts
  • Transfer funds within your accounts or to other BFSFCU members
  • Make certain loan payments
  • Cash checks
  • Obtain your account balance information
  • Obtain cash advances on Visa and MasterCard credit cards
  • Purchase official checks, money orders, and Travelers Cheques*
  • Photocopy, fax, and notary services

Kiosks & ATMs

There are two ways to conduct banking transactions in shared branches, either via a kiosk or by using an ATM machine. 

The kiosk option allows members to withdraw cash as well as to make check deposits. Your debit or ATM card is only used to identify your account information. Transactions conducted via a kiosk are not registered in the ATM network. Therefore, use of the kiosk will not prevent an inactive debit or ATM cards from being cancelled.   

To keep your card active, simply select the ATM option at the kiosk to withdraw cash.  

Shared Branch Policies

Because Shared Branch services are part of a cooperative effort, the policies at Shared Branches differ from those at BFSFCU.

Account access policies

  • You must have your account number ready before approaching teller windows.
  • You must possess state-issued picture identification or a driver’s license. Passports or work IDs are not accepted.
  • Identification is required on all payee endorsements on checks, unless payees are joint on the account.

Limitations on account access

  • The amount of cash withdrawals may be limited on a daily basis, subject to cash availability and computer access to BFSFCU.
  • Check cashing amounts may be limited and are subject to holds and restrictions.
  • Holds may be placed on non-cash deposits.
  • You must complete a deposit/withdrawal slip before approaching teller windows.
  • You cannot request stop payments on checks/drafts at Shared Branch locations.
  • Complete information regarding policies and procedures is available at each Credit Union Family Service Center location. Note that Shared Branches may observe a different holiday schedule than BFSFCU.

    *Transaction fees may apply at the Service Center, and may differ from fees charged at BFSFCU.