Incidents of computer repair or tech support scams continue to be reported to the Credit Union.

Computer repair and tech support scams can be found in pop-up messages on laptops or personal computers. It is also possible to receive a phone call from someone purporting to be from a computer or tech support company as a part of the scam.

Please use caution if you receive a pop-up message or phone call and note any of the below or are instructed to do any of the below items:

  • The pop-up or caller ID says Microsoft, Tech Support or something similar;
  • The pop-up or caller claims your computer is sending error messages, is infected with a virus or is initiating spam emails to other users;
  • The pop-up or caller asks you to visit a website to install a program on your computer that will allow them to remotely fix your computer.
  • Once they have control of your computer, they will quickly open and close a number of applications and files. They will state they can fix the problem for a fee that is usually between $99 and $495.
  • The pop-up or caller may require you to provide a debit or credit card to purchase the software needed to fix the problem. You might also be asked to purchase gift cards to either send to them or provide them with the numbers written on the back of the gift cards.
  • The pop-up or caller may indicate that your card is not working and may require you to log into online banking or ask for usernames, passwords or account numbers to pay them.
  • The pop-up or caller indicates that you are due a refund from Microsoft or another computer support company that requires you to log into your online banking to receive the credit.

If software is installed as a result of the pop-up or by the caller, it could provide false reports stating that everything is working properly and that the viruses have been removed.

It is also possible for the installed software to track what you access on your computer. It may be used to gather information about you and your logins to perpetrate identity theft against you. It may also be used to download malicious software or malware to your computer.

If you receive a similar call or pop-up on your computer, do not provide any information. Turn the computer off and disconnect it from the internet until you or a certified computer repair company are able to scan your computer for viruses.

If you have questions or have already received a similar call and you accessed online banking as a part of the computer repair, please contact our security team at (202) 212-6400 or at [email protected]