Supplemental Dividend

In appreciation of your continued loyalty and support through 2021, Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit Union’s Board of Directors has declared a supplemental dividend of $7,000,000.

Each qualifying member will receive:

(i) $10.00 and

(ii) an amount equal to the total of the average daily balances maintained during 2021 in your Checking, Savings and Share Certificate accounts, multiplied by a distribution factor of 0.1153%.

The dividend will be deposited to each open individual Savings, Checking and Share Certificate account based on the average balance maintained in that account during 2021. Dividends earned on Savings, Checking and Share Certificate accounts that have since been closed will be deposited in an open account with the same ownership.

Please review your monthly account statement or your account history within Digital Banking to see the dividend amounts deposited. Members qualifying for the supplemental dividend must be members in good standing as of December 31, 2021 and have an open Savings, Checking or Share Certificate account into which the credit can be deposited as of the dividend posting date.

We thank you for the opportunity and privilege of serving your financial needs. Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous new year!

— The Board of Directors, January 2022