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Corporate Relationships

BankFund partners with companies to provide services directly to our members on our behalf. 



Corporate Relationships

In an effort to provide our members with additional products, services or resources, BankFund establishes relationships with other companies. 

In many cases, the Credit Union enters into a contract with another company to provide services directly to our members on our behalf. In establishing these relationships, BankFund takes great care in codifying how our members' personal and financial information is handled, insisting on the highest levels of information security and privacy. Each contractual relationship also includes a confidentiality clause which prohibits the vendor from disclosing member information to any other entity without the express permission of the member except when it is necessary to facilitate the service provided.  Review our privacy policy here. 

Sometimes BankFund will refer our members to other companies who offer expertise in areas outside BankFund's core business when it is clear our members may benefit from those services. Examples may include companies who:

  • Offer legal services such as creating wills or trusts or perform real estate settlement services
  • Provide tax advice
  • Act as an agent for members interested in buying or selling homes
  • Offer convenience services such as providing vehicle pricing information or pre-negotiated pricing
  • Offer insurance products and services

Please note that BankFund provides these referrals strictly for the convenience of our members. Although BankFund makes a concerted effort to ensure the services provided by these companies meets our highest standards of quality and professionalism, any business, financial or other transactions or agreements members enter into with a vendor, merchant or party other than BankFund are solely between the member and the vendor, merchant or other party. Currently, BankFund has corporate agreements in place with CUNA Mutual Group and PSCU Financial Services among others.

If you wish to opt out of receiving offers from these companies, please use this web form.