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Voice ID

BFSFCU Voice ID is a fast, easy, and secure way
to confirm your identity when you call us.



Save Time. Keep Your Information Secure.

BFSFCU Voice ID is a fast, easy, and a secure way to confirm your identity when you
call Member Services.

How It Works

BFSFCU Voice ID creates a “voiceprint” by measuring more than 100 different characteristics of your voice — everything from how you move your lips to pronunciation, accent, and much more.

Once your voiceprint is on file, our system will save you time by automatically verifying your identity within the first 10-15 seconds of
your call. 

You can opt in or out of Voice ID at any time.

It’s free. It’s easy. And you can start today! Here’s how:

phone icon
Step 1: Call Us

Call Member Services at 202-212-6400 or 1-800-

Verify icon

Step 2: Verify Your Identity

Answer your security questions to verify your identity and prepare for your voiceprint.

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Step 3: Talk to Us

We’ll have a short conversation with you, while the system works its magic in the background to capture your unique voice characteristics.

Voice ID icon

Step 4: Enjoy Voiceprint!

The next time you call Member Services, BFSFCU Voice ID will quickly and automatically verify
your identity.


Please note that in the case of higher-value transactions, a Member Services Representative may ask additional verification questions to protect your privacy and security.