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Membership Share 

The $5 Membership Share represents your individual membership in the Credit Union and is necessary to maintain membership in good standing. Your Membership Share is held in a non-transactional status separate from your savings account; you will not see the Membership Share appear on your monthly account statement or in Online Banking. This share will remain in place for as long as you are a member of BFSFCU and will be returned to you at account closure.

Savings Accounts

Choose the Savings Account that best fits your needs.

Our basic Savings Account has no account maintenance fees and no minimum balance requirements to open or earn dividends. Dividends are paid and compounded quarterly.

Our Money Management Savings Account pays money market rates on a tiered structure. The higher your balance, the more you earn. Dividends on the tiers are calculated on the balance in the account at the end of each day, and are compounded and paid monthly. There is no minimum balance requirement to open the account. A $2,500 minimum balance is required to earn dividends.

Savings Calculator

Table data for Savings Account Rates
Account Type Annual Percentage Yield (APY) Dividend Rate Minimum Balance Required to Earn Dividends Minimum Balance Required to Open Alert Me
Savings 0.750% 0.748% none none
Money Management Savings 0.000% 0.000% N/A none
0.800% 0.797% $2,500.00 N/A
0.900% 0.896% $10,000.00 N/A
1.000% 0.995% $25,000.00 N/A
1.100% 1.094% $50,000.00 N/A
eSavings1 1.150% 1.145% $10,000.002 $10,000.00
Savings Account offering rates are variable and subject to change daily. Dividends are paid quarterly on Savings Accounts. Dividends are calculated using the balance in the account at the end of each day. For specific information about account rates and terms, call us at (202) 212-6400 to speak to one of our Member Service Representatives. Refer to Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit Union's Truth in Savings Disclosure, for additional information.
  • 1The eSavings account can only be opened online and is only accessible from our Online Banking system. The first withdrawal or transfer is free of fee. Second and all subsequent withdrawals or transfers processed during the calendar month are $5.00 each. Regulation D limits certain types of withdrawal and transfer transactions you can make out of your savings accounts to a maximum combined total of six (6) per month. A Regulation D Excess Debit Fee may apply for each transaction that exceeds the limit.
  • 2You must maintain a minimum daily balance of $10,000 to avoid incurring a low-balance fee at month-end.

Savings Calculator