International Wire and Foreign Exchange Services Update - (August 14, 2020)

BFSFCU was just notified that Travelex, our current international wire and foreign currency exchange services provider, will soon be suspending operations in the US. However, in light of earlier disruptions to Travelex’s service, BFSFCU had already been exploring alternatives, and we are pleased to announce that Western Union Business Solutions (WUBS) has been engaged as our new international wire services partner. 
Learn more details here.

International Wire Transfers

The information on this page is for wire transfers originating outside the United States. If you wish to send or receive money within the U.S., please view this page on domestic wire transfers.

To ensure timely and accurate receipt of your incoming wire transfer, please provide the sending institution with the following information.

Wire funds to:

  • Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit Union
  • 1725 I (Eye) Street NW, Washington, DC, USA
  • SWIFT Code: SFRUUS33 (For USD transfers only)

For credit to:

  • Recipient's name
  • Recipient's Credit Union account number

In some cases, the originating bank may not accept a SWIFT code and/or will require an IBAN. In those cases, please use the instructions provided below for the currency you wish to wire.

For incoming wires in foreign currency, please select a currency to view instructions for incoming wire transfers (instructions in Adobe PDF format):



eWires are the most convenient, most secure, and fastest method to initiate a wire transfer. Set up new wires or manage beneficiary information securely from within Digital Banking. To activate eWires, please contact the Credit Union at 202-212-6400 or toll-free at 1-800-9-BFSFCU. You may also visit one of our branches where a BFSFCU representative will be able to assist you during normal business hours.