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Mobile Banking

BFSFCU’s Mobile Banking can help you manage your money right in the palm of your hand. Access many everyday banking features on your mobile device, including:

  • View account balances and transaction history
  • Deposit checks remotely
  • Transfer funds between your BFSFCU accounts
  • Pay bills online
  • Set up, receive, and view alert notifications
  • Find ATM and branch locations

Download and install our BFSFCU Mobile Banking app for your Apple® or Android™ smartphone today and start enjoying banking on the go! The BFSFCU Mobile apps for Android phones and the iPhone® are free to download; however, standard wireless carrier message and data rates may apply. Please consult your wireless carrier for applicable text messaging fees and data plan rates.

For members  with BlackBerry® devices, Windows® Phones, tablets and other types of mobile devices, our web-based mobile banking service "Mobile Web" is available at from your mobile device. This mobile channel option provides the same features available in our Mobile Banking app for iPhone with the exception of mobile check deposit and you can login with your BFSFCU Online Banking credentials.

Touch ID and Passcode

Enjoy the convenience of accessing your accounts faster!

Available to both iPhone® and Android™ smartphone users, the Passcode feature allows you to sign in to your accounts with a four-digit code instead of entering your user ID and password each time you launch the app. In addition to the Passcode feature, Touch ID™ is also available to iPhone users (5S or later) to quickly access your accounts through the Mobile Banking app with just your fingerprint.

To begin using these new features today, make sure that you have installed the latest version of the BFSFCU Mobile Banking app. You can choose to enable or disable the Passcode and TouchID feature at any time in your settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the device requirements to use the Mobile Banking app?

    Apple iPhone using iOS 7 or newer and Android using 4.0 or newer.

  • How do I download Mobile Banking?

    The iPhone application is available in the iTunes® App Store.

    The Android application is available on Google Play.

    The app is free to download and there is no fee to access your accounts via Mobile Banking. Mobile Banking does require internet access so please be aware of your data usage so that you may reduce the likelihood of being charged for using excess data.

  • How do I enroll to use Mobile Banking?

    If you already have a username and password to log in to BFSFCU Online Banking, simply use your same login credentials to access Mobile Banking. If you have never logged in to BFSFCU Online Banking, please call (202) 212-6400 to get started.

  • Is the Mobile Banking app secure?

    At BFSFCU, we have taken measures to protect the privacy and security of your personal information and financial transactions with us. As a consumer and smartphone user, we encourage you to keep up with your phone’s operating system updates, and also keep up to date with the app’s updates through the iTunes App Store or Google Play. These updates help to provide greater security on your device. Some other tips for keeping your smartphone secure:

    • Password-protect your lock screen
    • Be sure to always sign out of Mobile Banking before closing the app
    • Never leave your mobile phone unattended

    If you are using a jailbroken, rooted, or otherwise altered device that has unlocked the phone or security measures, we do not advise the use of BFSFCU’s Mobile Banking app.

  • I forgot my username – what do I do?

    In order to access your username, please send a written and signed request via fax at (202) 683-2380 or you can scan and email your written and signed request to

  • I forgot my password – what do I do?

    Visit BFSFCU Online Banking and when you click on “Forgot Your Password?” link, you will be prompted with steps to reset your password.

  • I forgot my security questions – what do I do?

    If you are able to log in, you can review and edit your security questions by logging in to BFSFCU Online Banking. Select the Self-Service tab and click on Update Security Questions in the Personal Information section. If you are unable to log in, please call us at (202) 212-6400.

  • Can I use a passcode or TouchID with the Apple App?

    Yes, from the settings menu, you can choose to use TouchID or a 4-digit passcode to quickly access the mobile app.

  • Can I use a passcode with the Android App?

    Yes. You may use a 4-digit passcode to access your the Online Banking App via Android devices instead of entering your username/password. You may add a passcode and enable this feature from the settings menu.

  • What if I can't remember my Passcode?

    After three incorrect attempts to use your passcode, you will be prompted to enter your username and password. Multiple failures using your username and password will result in your Mobile Banking and Online Banking access to be restricted until you contact the Credit Union to have your credentials reset.

  • Can I be in the Mobile Banking app and Online Banking at the same time?

    Yes — logging in to both portals should not cause any disruptions.

  • What happened to my account nicknames?

    Any nicknames you might have created in BFSFCU Online Banking will not come through in Mobile Banking. If you wish, you can nickname your accounts within Mobile Banking to help differentiate between them.

    Go to Settings, and select Accounts. Choose the account you wish to nickname and tap Save.

  • I just opened a new account. Why doesn’t it appear in Mobile Banking?

    To add your new account to your Mobile Banking profile, go to Settings, and select Accounts. Choose the account you wish to add, tap the Enabled toggle so that it says Enabled, and then tap Save. When you go back to your accounts screen, the account you enabled will appear in the carousel of accounts.

  • Can I hide some accounts so I don’t have to see all of them every time I use Mobile Banking?

    Yes. Go to Settings, and select Accounts. Choose the account you wish to hide, tap the Enabled toggle so that it says Disabled, and then tap Save. When you go back to your accounts screen, the account you disabled will not appear in the carousel of accounts.

  • What types of transactions can I do through Mobile Banking?
    • View your deposit and loan accounts
    • Check your current and available balances
    • View your transactions
    • Deposit checks with our mobile app
    • Make one-time transfers between your BFSFCU accounts
    • Make loan and credit card payments
    • Schedule a BillPayer payment
  • Can I transfer to another member through Mobile Banking?

    No. This service is available through BFSFCU Online Banking.

  • What is Mobile Check Deposit?

    BFSFCU offers a Mobile Remote Deposit Capture (MRDC) service called Mobile Check Deposit. You may use this service to deposit checks directly into your checking or savings accounts. Simply launch Mobile Check Deposit from within Mobile Banking to access the camera to photograph the front and back of your check. Then choose which account to make your deposit and enter the amount of your deposit.

  • What kind of checks can I deposit with Mobile Check Deposit?

    BFSFCU Mobile Check Deposit can process checks payable in U.S. dollars and drawn on any U.S. bank or credit union. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for a full listing of acceptable and unacceptable items.

  • Will Mobile Check Deposit accept money orders, savings bonds, replacement checks, or foreign drafts?

    No, Mobile Check Deposit can only process checks payable in U.S. dollars and drawn on any U.S. bank or credit union.

  • Will Mobile Check Deposit accept third-party checks?

    No, you will only be able to deposit checks made payable to your name via Mobile Check Deposit.

  • How do I get the best image of the check using Mobile Check Deposit?
    • Flatten the check and place it on a dark, non-reflective surface. Make sure there is enough light to distinguish the check from the background.
    • Line up the check with the horizontal and vertical guides provided and click the camera icon to take a picture.
    • The image will be displayed for you to review. If it is not readable, click “Retake” to retake the picture of the check.
    • If you can read the details on the check, click “Use” to keep the image.
    • If our system can’t correctly interpret the writing on your check, you can always deposit your check at any BFSFCU branch or ATM.

    Note: Please remember to endorse the check before you take a picture of it. If you don’t, the payer’s bank may choose not to pay it and the deposit credit to your BFSFCU account will be reversed.

  • Are there limits to how much I can deposit with Mobile Check Deposit?

    All mobile deposits are subject to BFSFCU’s Funds Availability Policy and weekly limits are based on your relationship standing with BFSFCU. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for this service or a BFSFCU Representative for more information. We reserve the right to modify such limits from time to time or to impose different limits on certain depositors. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for additional details.

  • When will my funds be available after making a deposit with Mobile Check Deposit?

    Funds shall be available for withdrawal as described in our Funds Availability Disclosure. You will see your deposit reflected in your available balance once funds become available.

  • Can I use Mobile Check Deposit to deposit a check for my joint account holder?

    Yes, as long the payee is one of the account holders, you may use Mobile Banking to deposit a check in that person’s name.

  • Can I use Mobile Check Deposit to deposit a check directly into one of my loans?

    Mobile Check Deposit can only deposit checks into Savings or Checking accounts. Once the deposit is confirmed, you can transfer the funds to make a regular payment to a loan from within the Mobile Banking app.

  • Can I make my scheduled loan payment through Mobile Banking?

    Yes, regular scheduled payments can be made through Mobile Banking. For unscheduled payments (partial payments, principal-only payments and payoff transactions), this service is available through BFSFCU Online Banking.

  • Can I initiate an eWire request in Mobile Banking?

    No, this feature is only available in Online Banking.

  • Can I create or delete BillPayer billers through Mobile Banking?

    No. This service is available through BFSFCU Online Banking.

  • How do I set up alerts in Mobile Banking?

    There are 3 types of alerts you can set to receive via Mobile Banking –Email, SMS, and Push. Once you have logged in: Access the Alerts button from the bottom Quick Menu or from the main slide-out menu on the left. Swipe left until you reach the Preferences tab.

    • Email alerts — Select the Add Channel button, enter your email address and tap Send. You will receive an email with a unique verification code. Enter the code and tap Verify.
    • SMS alerts — Select the Add Channel button, tap on the SMS/Text tab, enter your 10-digit U.S.-based mobile phone number, and tap Send. You will receive an SMS text message with a unique verification code. Enter the code and tap Verify.
    • Push notifications — Mobile Banking should automatically be set up to receive push notifications, as long as you have allowed such settings on your phone. To confirm that you can receive push notifications, you can select the Push Alerts and tap Enabled.

    Once you have established the channels from which you would like to receive alerts, you may now select which alerts you’d like to see.

    In the Account Alerts tab, you can select an account from the drop-down menu, select the type of alert you would like to receive, and then customize how you would like to receive them.

  • Who can I call if I have questions about Mobile Banking?

    Please call us at (202) 212-6400 or (800) 923-7328.

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